Dai Paper-making - Dai Paper-making - Xishuangbanna Rainforest Trekking

Dai Paper-making

Dai Paper-making

Photos from: Manzhao Dai village in Menghun of Menghai County


Dai people use the bark of the mulberry tree in their paper-making process.   They first soak the bark and then cook the bark. The product is then put through a machine to smash the liquid, soaked again and stirred. The mucus materials are put through a sifter and the fiber left in the sunshine to dry. This paper feels very rough, but is tough. Hand writing can be kept well over hundreds of years. Dai culture and history has been recorded with this paper, especially the Buddha scriptures in Xishuangbanna.

Cook bark                                                                  Carry fibre

Sun-shining fibre                                                          Papers

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